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Tiered Services

Tiered Services

We are a CACM certified and independently owned firm with over 25 years of experience specializing in homeowners association management.  We manage approximately 70 homeowners associations in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, and are proud to be an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.  The key to our management system is hands-on and personalized service.

 Our two tiers of H.O.A. management service include the following:

1) Financial Services/Legal Compliance

2) Full Service Including Repairs, Preventative Maintenance and Project Management

Below is our comprehensive job scope for each tier, and additional information can be found on our web site:


  • Distribute Monthly Dues Statements (e-mail or USPS)
  • Timely Payment of Approved HOA Invoices
  • Process Dues Increases & Special Assessments
  • Owners Can Pay Dues Electronically*
  • Same Day Response to Homeowner Account Inquiries
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliations
  • Monthly  Financial Packages (PFD and/or hard-copy)*
  • Process Monthly Reserve Contributions
  • Annual Budget Preparation
  • Distribution of Annual Disclosures
  • Annual Review of HOA Insurance Polices*
  • HO6 Policy Consultation
  • Governing Document Consultation
  • Davis-Stirling Act Consultation
  • Unlimited HOA Notice Distributions
  • Issuance of Violation/Fine Hearing Notices
  • Tracking Monthly Dues Payments
  • Collection of Delinquent Assessments*
  • Nomination/Election Mailings
  • Coordination of Reserve Studies
  • Coordination of Annual Tax Filing
  • Annual Secretary of State Filing
  • Act as Agent for Process of Service
  • Cloud Storage/Backup of all HOA Documents
  • Annual Lunch and Learn with HOA Attorney
  • Screening HOA Vendors*
  • Process Lender & Escrow Certifications
  • Archive Sellers’ H.O.A. Account Information


Financial packages include the following reports in both cash and accrual basis:

1) Profit & Loss with actual vs. budgeted information

2) Balance Sheet

3) Expense Detail Report

4) Homeowner Dues Payment Report

5) Copies of Paid Invoices, Bank Statements and Bank Reconciliations

Owners can pay dues electronically directly on our web site or by calling an 800 number that we provide.  Owners can also set up automatic dues payments through our office.

We will review your insurance policies on an annual basis to ensure coverage limits are adequate, deductible levels are appropriate and annual premiums are competitive.

For owners with a delinquent HOA account, we work closely with the board and the homeowner to set up realistic payment plans (as approved by the board).  Once a payment plan is agreed upon, we carefully track the owner’s account to ensure that all payments are made as promised.  In the event that the board votes in favor of referring an owner’s account to collections, we can carry out the decision using our in-house HOA collection service or a collection agency of the Board’s choice.

Screening HOA Vendors includes checking their standing with the Better Business Bureau, verifying that proper insurance is in place and checking the State Contractor’s Board.   We only accept vendors’ insurance certificates directly from the insurance agent, and certificates must state that the HOA is an additionally insured party.

All of the above – in addition to the job scope listed below – is included in the Full Service Management we offer:

  • Regularly scheduled property inspections
  • Proactively arranging for preventative maintenance
  • Meeting vendors on-site to obtain competitive repair bids
  • Preparation of bid comparison spreadsheets
  • Same day response time for regular inquiries
  • 30 minute response to emergency inquiries with a 24-HR line
  • Follow-up and board updates on all repairs
  • Intercom and directory updates
  • Project management services for all capital improvements