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References & Recommendations

Dan Heston
1129 Larrabee St.

Vines Management has been the management company for our HOA for the past 10 years.  During that time they have been more than just another management company for our HOA, and acted more as a partner.  During these years our building has had to deal with all kinds of problems, from major floods, insurance claims and updates, ownership changes, assessments, voting, compliance, and particular owners that have been extremely problematic.  Through it all, they have handled themselves with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.  Jean-Paul Vines is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, especially with the ever changing laws that govern HOA’s and advises us on all matters related to these issues to make sure we are operating correctly.  Most other management companies simply do not have the skill set or knowledge to navigate these waters, and quite honestly, given the numerous problems that we’ve had to deal with over the years, most other management companies would have quit.  I can say this quite confidently because prior to hiring Vines, we went through 4 different management companies in the previous two years before hiring Vines.  They either quit or we terminated them because they were horrible.  I am thankful that we have a company like Vines managing our building.  They are transparent, they are always available, and they don’t play games.  I give them my fullest recommendation.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Shiva Aghaipour
9249 Burton Way

I am honored to provide this reference, please allow me to tell you a bit about myself. I am the Vice President / Owner of The Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica. As such, I have many years of experience and expertise as how to successfully manage and operate a property on multiple levels and with multiple personalities. For this reason, I decided to join the Board of the Le Faubourg HOA.

Upon joining the Board, my first mission was to hire an established, reputable and strong management company.  I personally interviewed multiple companies, and when I came across Jean Paul Vines (Vines Management Company), my search was over. Jean Paul (and his company) was exactly what I was searching for and what our Association needed for our high-end condominium property in Beverly Hills.

Jean Paul Vines himself is the actual manager of our Association.  Although, he is our particular manager, I have had the pleasure of working with his entire staff and I could not be happier with their level of service.  Whether it is merely taking a message to dealing with massive emergencies, his staff has always been nothing less than perfect.  Vines Management Company is quite an established entity as such.

As for the representation of our Association, Jean Paul has been absolutely extraordinary in every manner possible:

  • Jean Paul has an impressive knowledge and expertise of HOA rules, regulations, by-laws and the actual property law. This is quite important as everything we do has a legal foundation which we must adhere to.
  • Jean Paul provides personalized service.  He is always available via cell phone and/or email. I can not remember one instance where he hasn’t responded to be within the hour.  
  • Jean Paul is always available and prepared to spend the necessary time to do the job correctly.  He has spent countless hours on our HOA issues and continues to do so with providing the best expertise, advise and resolutions.
  • Jean Paul works with the top vendors, all of whom are licensed and reputable practitioners in their particular field.  This of utmost importance (I.e. Plumbers, Contractors, etc.)
  • Jean Paul has the best professional demeanor and is able to deal with multiple personalities in a kind, calm and respectful manner.  He impresses me with this trait time and time again. 
  • Jean Paul is trustworthy and I know first-hand that I would not be able to trust any other manager (company) as I do this one.

I wholeheartedly recommend Vines Management to represent your HOA.  Please believe me when I tell you this, if I could have Jean Paul (and his company) manage my HOTEL, I would do just that! This is how strong my recommendation is. Should you require anything further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Femanda Gray
1824 Euclid Street, #2

Our HOA has recently retained Vines Management, Inc. to manage the finances and maintenance of our facilities. We are a small (six units) association and were happy to find a company that is prepared to deal with the issues faced by small associations.

We were facing a number of legal issues, primarily bringing our governance documents and practices into compliance with current law, as well as issues with one of the homeowners, and with Vines’ assistance we are working through all the items requiring resolution.

The transition from owner/volunteer management to professional management is going smoothly, with transfer of checking account and billing to the Vines offices, and equally important, guidance in preparation and distribution of legal documents, the availability of professionals to advise us on proper procedures, and currently developing a budget that was necessary for the HOA’s financial health and to meet legal requirements. Vines has been with us throughout the process, available for consultation and reassurance. Calls and emails are promptly returned.

All the new requirements have been explained so that the owners are educated and aware of what is happening and why it is necessary. All the “hand-holding” has been greatly appreciated.

We understand the changes already made and the changes we know are coming, and look forward to continued smooth transition and professional consultation. At this point, we are very satisfied with our choice of Vines Management to handle our HOA management activities.

Madeline McFadden-Nunez
Sunset Doheny Homeowner Association.

To Whom it May Concern,
Jean-Paul Vines is the ultimate pro when it comes to handling your Homeowner Association needs.

Our Association was in complete disarray, and even considering the possibility of disbanding, when we brought Vines on board. Jean-Paul knew just where to start in order to right our flailing ship and along the way has dealt with some very difficult personalities with charm and acumen.

There are a dizzying assortment of state laws that Association’s must comply with now and I am happy to say the Jean-Paul is familiar with them all—and if for some reason, something comes up that he hasn’t dealt with before—he knows who to go to to get the necessary answers.

More than that, Jean-Paul takes great pride in his work and interest in his clients. He is not going to make you sign a contract and then disappear only to reemerge in time to collect his check. He is very prompt dealing with problems and communications and is very conscientious. If for some reason something isn’t working, he will address the situation immediately.

I have no reservations recommending Vines Management for your Association’s needs. Jean-Paul and his company has proven to be knowledgable, prompt, orderly, honest, forthright and concerned about customer satisfaction—commodities that are in short supply these days.