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Management Transition

At Vines Management, Inc. we are committed to making your transition to new HOA management and condo management as smooth and seamless as possible. The following is a breakdown of our six primary transition tasks: homeowner introduction, vendor introduction, accounting set-up, coordination with previous management, establishment of a pre-scheduled maintenance program and creation of a customized new resident package.

Homeowner Introduction

  • A personalized introduction letter is mailed to each individual homeowner with Vines Management contact information including office number, emergency number, e-mail address, fax number and mailing Address.
  • Management requests that all homeowners please call management anytime with questions or concerns.
  • Homeowners are notified of management’s 24 hour per day/7 day per week on-call availability for maintenance emergencies.
  • Homeowners are encouraged to attend first board meeting under new management to meet Jean-Paul Vines in person and discuss any concerns.

Vendor Introduction

  • Positive working relationships are established with existing vendors; all vendors are notified of new management and provided with contact information and mailing address.
  • Management meets with landscaping company, handyman and janitorial company on site to perform a detailed walk-through and discuss any items in need of attention.
  • All utility companies are informed of new management and provided with our mailing address and contact information.

Accounting System Set-Up

  • Management meets with Association’s C.P.A./Tax Preparation Specialist to discuss yearly tax filing.
  • Monthly billing accounts are established for each homeowner and all existing balances are carried over into a new accounting system.
  • Monthly Billing Statements are scheduled for mailing on the 15th of each month, giving homeowners adequate time to make monthly payments in a timely fashion.
  • Custom monthly financial statements are created reflecting the Association’s financial standing.
  • Board approved periodic transfers from the general disbursement account into a reserve account are set-up, as per an updated reserve study (if any).
  • Management’s signature rights on existing bank accounts and method of monthly bill payments are established, based on Board’s preference.

Coordination With Previous Management

  • Obtain and become familiar with all homeowner and vendor files from previous management.
  • Obtain and become familiar with CC & R documents as well as the building’s Rules and Regulations.
  • Obtain and review all Minutes from previous Board meetings.
  • Discuss any current or previous collection issues.
  • Discuss and take over any pending maintenance projects

Establish Scheduled Maintenance Program

  • Board Members and Management discuss the possibility of establishing any pre-scheduled maintenance programs that are not currently in place such as: yearly flushing of main plumbing lines, yearly roof inspections, seasonal gutter cleaning, tile sealing/water proofing and quarterly lubrication of hot water pump.
  • Take over all existing pre-scheduled maintenance items.
  • Take note of and follow up with all warranty expiration and renewal dates.

New Resident Welcome Packages

  • Welcome letter with full management contact information.
  • Copy of building rules and regulations.
  • List of local utility companies with contact information.
  • Permitted hours of moving in and out.
  • Information regarding the building’s parking policy as well as street parking.
  • List of board members with contact information.