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Caliber Software

Cloud-Based Software Solutions

We are pleased to announce a recent upgrade to a management and accounting system called Caliber. Caliber offers a plethora of tools, which will aid our efforts in providing exceptional service to associations we manage. In addition to the internal management software, Caliber also offers online service options to board members and homeowners alike. We now have the ability to integrate association information and documentation to a safe and secure online web portal to which both board members and homeowners can access for a nominal monthly fee. The following is a list of services that are offered.

Homeowner Benefits

1. Homeowner Ledger – Homeowners can login to the Caliber web portal to access their individual account ledgers and track all of their account activity.
2. Homeowner Records – Owners may update their contact sheet and input tenant information.
3. Governing Documents – CC&R’s, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations would be saved within the portal for the homeowner to view and download.
4. Meeting Minutes – Access to association meeting minutes with the exclusion of executive session minutes.
5. Parking Plan and Resident Roster – We can provide access to residents’ names and the parking plan if available.
6. Insurance Declarations – Owner access to all association related insurance information.
7. Maintenance Request – Owners can submit maintenance requests online – we are immediately notified and will work to resolve the matter accordingly.
8. Unit Repair Status – Homeowners can easily track the status of their maintenance requests.
9. Architectural Changes – Owners have the ability to track their requests for architectural changes and obtain status updates regarding approval.
10. Access to the association’s annual budget.

Board Member Benefits

1. Monthly Financial Reports – Access to all financial packages moving forward from the date the association initiates the Caliber Web service. Please note that all financials preceding the inception date of the web service would not be included online
2. Budget – Board Members may view pending/draft annual budgets.
3. Maintenance Requests – access to all maintenance requests submitted by homeowners as well as status of the request.
4. Delinquencies – access to ledgers for all delinquent owner accounts.
5. Full Resident Roster – access to all homeowner contact information within resident roster
6. Unit Architectural Requests – board/Architectural Committee may review all request and may approve them accordingly
7. Violation – access to all homeowner violations and correspondence

For a better understanding of how the web portal works, we encourage board members to visit the link below along with utilizing the following username and password. Please note that the link retains a portal for both the owner and board member respectively.

User: testcaliberweb
Password: Password1 (Case Sensitive)

For more information please contact Jean-Paul Vines at (818) 883-6707.