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Assessment Collections

Assessment Collections

Each month we provide the association members with H.O.A. account statements, return envelopes and any board approved correspondences. The billing statements provide the following information:

  • Payments, Payment Posting Date and Check Number
  • Management Contact Information
  • Monthly Assessment Charges
  • Detailed Charge Descriptions
  • Special Assessment Charges
  • Current Amount Due
  • Past Due Amounts
  • Aging Schedule
  • Late Fees
  • Due Date

We understand that maintaining a steady cash flow is essential to an association’s financial health and we have found that consistency is the most effective way to minimize late payments and delinquencies. We review each individual association member’s dues account on a monthly basis to identify delinquent accounts and late payments. Then, to prevent any losses from escalating we impose late fees and draft payment reminder letters in accordance with the association’s delinquency policy.

Our payment reminder letters provide a date by which we must receive payment in full. In the event that the homeowner hasn’t responded to our written payment request, with the Board’s approval we can we coordinate the lien filing process with a collection service company of the board’s choice and follow through with the non-judicial foreclosure process if necessary.

In the event that a delinquent homeowner requests a payment plan, we present the plan to the Board of Directors for consideration. If the plan is approved, we monitor the scheduled payments and update the board if the plan is not met or once the delinquency has been cured.

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California HOA Collection Services“A Smarter Way to Collect”

At CHCS our mission is to prevent delinquent accounts from escalating by using credit reporting as a primary means of incentivizing homeowners to remain current and in good standing.  We are, however, prepared to record liens and initiate non-judicial foreclosures when necessary.

No Unnecessary Delays – We Do Not Hold Funds.

Unlike other collection agencies where the industry standard is two to three weeks, from the moment we collect your funds they are transferred to the HOA’s operating account within 24-hours.

Our Goals are Aligned.

Through our uniquely modern and customer centric collection methods, we work closely with our clients to assist associations by minimizing delinquencies, reaching annual budgetary goals and maximizing reserve contributions.  This not only results in a higher quality of life within the community, but maximizes property values as well.

Vines Management has teamed up with PayLease Inc. to streamline payments.

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