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HOA Management

Homeowners’ Association Management

We are an independently owned firm specializing in full service Homeowners’ Association management. The key to our management system is hands-on, personalized and customized service. We work closely with Board Members on a regular basis and are always available to address all of the homeowners’ concerns. Jean-Paul Vines has over 25 years of property management experience, a Business Degree in Organizational Systems Management and a Real Estate Broker’s License.


Establishing A Maintenance Plan

To ensure that the property is looking its best at all times, to prolong the useful life of the building’s equipment and to minimize maintenance emergencies, we coordinate various types of pre-scheduled maintenance tasks. For example, we negotiate contracts for annual roof inspections to minimize unexpected water leaks, quarterly “Hydrojetting” of plumbing lines to avoid back-ups/flooding and routine servicing of common area HVAC systems to avoid outages during winter or summer months. It is considerably more cost efficient for vendors to make scheduled visits rather than emergency weekend or evening visits.

One of the first tasks we carry out upon earning a new account is the establishment of a pre-scheduled maintenance plan. We carefully inspect the building to determine necessary regular maintenance such as:

  • Steam Cleaning Trash Chutes Each Three Months
  • Yearly Ant “Power Spraying”
  • Pressure Washing Garage Each Six Months
  • Touch-Up Painting Once Per Year
  • Yearly Hydrojetting of Main and Branch Drain Lines
  • Yearly Roof Inspections……

A well maintained property begins with routine and thorough inspections of the building and common areas. Some primary objectives of our property inspections are as follows:

  • Identify existing and potential problems with the irrigation system, pool, spa, intercom system, trash chutes, rodents, pests, security features, garage doors, water leaks, necessary painting of wood areas to avoid future dry rot and more.
  • Ensure that the property is always well lit and timers are properly set to provide safety for the homeowners and their guests.
  • Verify that the landscape and janitorial companies are properly maintaining the grounds.

We work with the board in identifying items of priority and creating such a maintenance plan. Then, we carry out the plan on a routine basis which results in keeping the building looking its best!

A poorly maintained property can lead to numerous unnecessary and costly problems, decreased property values, frustrated residents and exposure to potential liabilities and safety hazards. As a result, one of our primary objectives is to maintain and improve the quality of properties without sacrificing the need for cost efficiency.

Cloud-Based Software Solutions

We are pleased to announce a recent upgrade to a management and accounting system called Caliber. Caliber offers a plethora of tools, which will aid our efforts in providing exceptional service to associations we manage. In addition to the internal management software, Caliber also offers online service options to board members and homeowners alike. We now have the ability to integrate association information and documentation to a safe and secure online web portal to which both board members and homeowners can access for a nominal monthly fee. The following is a list of services that are offered.

Vines Management has teamed up with PayLease Inc. to streamline payments.

Make A Payment

Full-Service Package Summary Of Services

  • Timely Payment of All Association’s Bills
  • Promptly Depositing Income
  • Coordination of Yearly Tax Filing
  • Providing Monthly Financial Packages to All Board Members
  • Coordinating Reserve Studies as Required by California Civil Code
  • Processing & Following-Up With All Dues Increases and Special Assessments
  • Making Routine Transfers From Operating to Reserve, as Approved by Board of Directors
  • Mailing Monthly Billing Statements With Unlimited Memo/Notice Inserts
  • Promptly Responding to All Resident Inquiries and Management Requests
  • Reprogramming Intercom System, Updating Intercom Directory and Updating Mailboxes as Necessary
  • Obtaining Multiple Bids, Providing Detailed Information to Board of Directors and Coordinating Maintenance Projects
  • Checking All Vendors’ Insurance, State Contractor’s Board Status and Better Business Bureau Standing
  • Taking a Proactive, Hands-On & Preventative Approach to Management and Maintenance
  • Routinely Performing Thorough Property Inspections to Identify Existing and Potential Problems
  • Developing and Implementing a Pre-Scheduled Maintenance Plan Based Upon the Association’s Needs
  • Updating and Renewing All Licenses and Permits
  • Processing Escrow Documentation and Forms for Unit Sales and Refinancing
  • Archiving Seller’s H.O.A. Account Information for Future Reference if Necessary
  • Nightly Offsite Back-Ups of Computer Network to Protect Association’s Files & Accounting Information
  • Dual (Mirrored) Server Hard Drive System to Protect Association’s Files & Accounting Information
  • Enforcing Association’s Rules & Regulations as Necessary by Issuing Written Requests, Scheduling Fine Hearings & Imposing Fines
  • Reviewing Association’s Project Documents to Advise Board of Directors on Matters Pertaining to Dues Increases, Assessments etc.

Working With Vendors

In order to protect our clients from fraudulent contractors and ensure that we are being provided with appropriate solutions to problems as they arise, we work closely with vendors and gain a thorough understanding of the work being performed.

Each vendor is selected very carefully and subject to the Board of Director’s approval. Before establishing a relationship with any vendor, we contact the Better Business Bureau, conduct an interview, check references, verify the validity of their licenses and require proof of insurance with no HOA exclusions listed.

When working with vendors to acquire bids for maintenance projects, it is our standard practice to carefully analyze all bids, ensure the job scope and quality of materials proposed by various vendors are comparable and convey all of the necessary details so the board can make informed decisions.

Follow-up is essential when coordinating maintenance projects and routine maintenance tasks. We utilize project management software to calendar the start and completion dates of all projects, post the necessary notices, follow the progress of the work, follow-up with the vendors to ensure the time-line is being met and inspect the finished product prior to final payment.

Full Service HOA Management

Why Choose Us?

The following is a breakdown of our six primary transition tasks: homeowner introduction, vendor introduction, accounting set-up, coordination with previous management, establishment of a pre-scheduled maintenance program and creation of a customized new resident package.

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Financial Management

We employ various types of financial management, including: Reserve Study Implementation, Budget Preparation, Reserve Contributions, Annual Reporting & Tax Filing, Prompt Invoice Payments & HOA Dues Deposits, and Bank Deposits Processed Daily.

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Financial Reporting

The following financial documents are provided to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis — financial packages are delivered via U.S. Mail, electronic mail or both: HOA Member Account Ledgers, Bank Reconciliation Reports & Bank Statements, Profit & Loss Statement, and more.

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Assessment Collection

Each month we provide the association members with H.O.A. account statements, return envelopes and any board approved correspondences. The billing statements provide: Payments, Payment Posting Date and Check Number, Management Contact Information, and more.

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HOA Consultation

With over 15 years of experience managing homeowners’ associations, a Real Estate Broker’s license and as a graduate of Business School, Jean-Paul Vines is fully qualified to guide associations with regard to matters including:

  • Common Area vs. Exclusive-Use Common Area Responsibilities
  • HOA Repair Responsibilities vs. Individual Owner Liability
  • HOA Collection and Non-Judicial Foreclosure Rights
  • Budget and Annual HOA Disclosure Requirements
  • HOA Director Election Procedures
  • Monthly Dues Increase Procedures
  • Special Assessment Procedures
  • Governing Document Analysis
  • HOA Meeting Requirements
  • Reserve Study Requirements
  • Fine Hearing Procedures
  • Rules of Order

To discuss any homeowners association matters or for guidance on issues your association is facing, please contact Jean-Paul Vines directly:

Phone: (818) 883-6707 extension 235
24-Hour: (310) 854-8818

Unsolicited Testimonials From Our Clients

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all of your service during my time at Holloway since 2007. You have always been incredibly fast and attentive to address any issues with the building.”

8530 Holloway, West Hollywood

“I personally interviewed multiple companies, and when I came across Jean Paul Vines (Vines Management Company), my search was over.”

9249 Burton Way, Shiva Aghaipour

“Very impressed, with attention to detail and promptness of responses to every day and emergent problems for our HOA.”

132 Maple Drive Board, Beverly Hills

“Vines did an awesome job of turning this around especially since this is the first day of rain when roofers are so busy!”

2221 Ocean Avenue Board, Santa Monica